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Getting out of the toxic, abusive relationship was just the beginning of my journey. I thought leaving was hard, but I would argue that the beginning (what happens after you leave) is actually a lot more challenging.

After finding myself in three back-to-back relationships, all toxic, I started to think that something had to be wrong with me. That, somehow, everything I had gone through was my fault and that I would probably never find the happiness I was looking for. I was stuck in between moving on and not understanding why.

I had a great career, a dysfunctional yet wonderful family, and money wasn’t an issue. But I just wasn’t happy, and I often found myself lashing out and nurturing resentment. I wasn’t myself anymore, and quite frankly, I didn’t even know who I wanted to be. I wasn’t aware that even though I thought I was over it, my past was silently influencing the choices and actions I was taking in my life.

That led to a never-ending spiral into the vortex of people-pleasing, self-loathing, and really feeling alone. I didn’t trust others and I didnt trust myself. Not a happy place to be. As a mother, I needed to change. As a woman, I deserved better.

All of this to say, I’ve been there, and that’s when I made a different choice.

I realized that something needed to change. And that something was me. Not because I was insufficient or not good enough (although we tend to believe that) but because I knew that the only thing I actually had enough control over was myself. A hard pill to swallow. But I was determined to change the trajectory of my life once and for all.

As an ambitious woman, it was hard for me to ask for help but, I was sharp enough to recognize that I could not go any further alone. I had to let go of what I thought things were, and how I thought things should that I could open myself up to begin doing the REAL work.

I had done all the practical stuff so, I started working with a Spiritual Mentor. He not only helped me acknowledge the “hurt” but also helped me learn to listen to my body, to trust my intuition, and seek out hidden purpose in my experiences. Although I did a lot of work on the surface, like meditating, journaling, and reading (just to name a few), I was still riding in the passenger seat of my own life and letting fear, guilt, and shame do the driving. So with his guidance and my intuition, we got honest about what WAS working and what wasn’t. I gained clarity about the vision I wanted for my life. and learned to trust my intuition again. I started to go deeper than I had ever gone before.

The transformation I experienced was alchemy and it was exactly what I needed to create the life I desired.

– A life in which I could trust not only others but also myself and my choices.
– A life filled with the freedom to be me, to change, to choose!
– A world in which I understand the purpose & find the gem in all of lifes experiences.

If you’re ready to find your hidden key to end the hurt, book a call with me below.

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