I Am A Survivor Too

Altagracia Felix

  • I Am A 3x Intimate Partner Abuse Survivor 
  • I’ve Been A Volunteer Financial Coach
  • I Am A Certified Money Coach, (CMC)®

My Story

I’m a mother of 3 plus 2 bonus babies and 2 more furry ones! I think the thing I wanted most in this world was to be blessed enough to carry a child and experience giving birth. I am so grateful for that! That then transitioned into the desire to raise good human beings filled with love, empathy, compassion, and humility. We will see how that turns out in about a decade! 

Throughout all of those dreams and desires, I experienced a lot of Trauma in my life from childhood through adulthood. Of all the trauma I’ve experienced, I would say that the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse from someone I loved was one of the most difficult to go through and come out of.  Going through it while having children was another animal all together for me. I remember watching my then 1-year-old staring at me while her father had his hands around my throat and I looked at her and smiled. You see at that time I had learned that children look at your facial expression for cues on how they should feel so throughout those years, I always smiled at her- no matter what. 

My only solace during those times was the belief that I would get the opportunity to recreate a million new positive memories for her to record over these old memory tapes. I’m happy to say we made it out just before her 4th birthday and sad to say that I ended back in another abusive relationship shortly after. Revictimization is not uncommon but the factors that lead to it are, so when I left the 3rd and final abusive relationship, I vowed to never go through that again and I started to do the work necessary to change that. 

All of that experience has inspired me to become a Certified Money Coach® because I learned that financial health and independence is a vital component of not only overcoming that trauma but also establishing a foundation so that it doesn’t happen again. Our financial health as survivors radiates out into all other aspects of our wellbeing by increasing our confidence in our own ability to pursue the life we desire. 

I am also a member of the Financial Coaches Network to support me in continually becoming a better financial coach through continuing education, implementing coaching best practices, and other resources.