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Find your Community

Women have gathered together for all of existence. Learn why and experience the impact that aligned community can have on your life. 

Find your Genius

Reconnect with your truest potential, not who you’ve become as a result of your past! We’ll explore different ways to activate & access who you have always been and find your zone of GENIUS! 

Find your Style

Communication is the most important skill you will develop in our time together. It doesn’t matter what you know if you can’t share it with the world. 

Transform your life

Your genius has always been yours, now you will use it. Take what you learn in the Boss Collective & integrate that into your life. When you do the work, you’ll begin to see yourself and the world around you through a different lens.

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Jasper Level

Get grounded and rooted in who you are
$ 150 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Monthly Integration Call
  • Private Voxer Channel

Emerald Level

Find deeper balance, wisdom and love
$ 300 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Monthly Integration Call
  • Private Voxer Channel
  • Monthly Group Shamanic Reiki

Red Jade Level

Step into your power and transorm your life
$ 450 Monthly
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Monthly Integration Call
  • Private Voxer Channel
  • Monthly Group Shamanic Reiki
  • Two Exclusive Masterminds
  • One Private Coaching Session

Meet Altagracia Felix...

Altagracia Felix

Master Relationship & Communication Healer | Shamanic Reiki Master

Click on the drop downs below to learn more about Altagracia’s work and upcoming events. 

Learn more about what Altagracia’s clients have to say about working with her. 


Listen to People Who Are Transforming Their Lives...

“Being a part of the circle opened a doorway for me to feel things for the first time in my life. I’ve been able to feel the deeper emotions. The transformation allowed me to start the journey into what I’ve come to identify as my sun and my moon. And I know there’s so much more to you!”

Emilie Fetheroff

“Working with Alta has been a transformational experience. She listened intently, provided candid feedback, and gave me space to push back but held firm to the message she received. She always prefaces her spiritual guidance and creates a sacred space in which I feel safe to remain open and receive. I can honestly say that I not only feel bolder, but I’m also showing up ​that way in my business and personal life.”

Eboney Byrne

“My biggest pain point was opening up about what’s holding me back from setting my boundaries. I learned that there are women who connect in a deep way with what/ how I am feeling. I am not alone. These women’s circles are great. They are empowering and a release when you are dealing with anything. It is the perfect safe space to get out anything you are struggling with, without judgment. It is all love.”

Alexis Hall

R2E is on a mission to create a community of people who feel empowered to pursue and live the lives that they desire regardless of their life experiences. A life without shame, fear, or guilt is the fertile soil from which a healthy soul can rise. Stories are meant to be rewritten, and you get to choose the lens through which you will rewrite that story. You are not alone on your journey, so let me support you as you reclaim who we were always meant to be, with all the messy sh*t included, together.

Next Boss Collective™ Cohort Begins...


Discover the Transforming Power of Sacred Space & Community

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