Because Your Happiness Is Worth It

Empowering women to heal, create financial security, & rebuild after abuse.

Financial Security

 Develop a healthy relationship with your money so that you can feel confident when creating your financial security plan.

Having financial security is the corner stone of living the life you want to live. 

Improved Relationships

At the center of every relationship you have is you. So let’s focus on doing the inner work to develop an amazing relationship with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation so lets make sure it’s rock solid.

Clear Step-by-Step Plan

Confusion can be our worst enemy so I’ll provide you with clear steps for you to execute along the way. 

A Step by step plan offers clarity & flexibitlity for you to live your life intentionally.

Create an independent and happier life after intimate partner abuse.

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of whats driving you subconsciouly so that we can do the work to break old patterns that are no longer serving you. We can also work together to identify and establish a clear set of unbreakable boundaries through a unique 3-step process.

There’s so much that we can do but financial security is an important corner stone. Financial Trauma is real so we will ensure that you’re financially grounded in a safety plan thats specific to your needs so that you can feel confident. Combine that with a clear vision and financial plan for your future, you’ll feel more motivated to keep going even when you don’t want to. I coach with love, empathy, and compassion to make sure you know that you’re safe with me. 

There’s really no limit to what happens next in your life, just possibilities. So we’ll dream big and I will support you every step of the way as we close a chapter and start writing your greatest book ever!  

Safe, compassionate, and judgement free coaching.

Thrive™ will help you get clear on what matters to you the most and create a financial plan tailored to that vision.

Altagracia Felix - Training & Experience

Alta Felix Branding Session

  • Professional Career in Finance
    working for multimillion-dollar
    corporations to academia 
  • Professional Career working
    closely with Creditors and debt
  • Certification as a Money Coach
    from the Money Coaching Institute
    out of California
  • Trauma-Informed Care Training 
  • NLP Training

As a Certified Money Coach, continued education is important to me. At the core of what I do, is my commitment to serving my clients.

I am guided by one simple statement: Do No Harm. As such, I continue to educate myself so that I can best support you. 

Member: Financial Coaches Network (FCN)®

*Financial Coaches Network provides training, technology, and operational support to help me be more successful as a financial coach. Being a member means I have the resources to focus less on my business and focus more on serving you.